Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Water: a mood altering substance

I am a complete nutter.

Yesterday I went to the 5 pm lap swim. As usual, it was busier than other times of the day. I got in the "medium" lane with 3 other people in it. It was miserable. Two of the people had absolutely no clue about lane never stopping at the wall to let faster swimmers by, and not standing to the side of the lane when resting so others can turn properly. There was no way anyone in this lane was swimming at a medium pace. I don't even know exactly what one woman was doing, stroke-wise. Anyway, I spent about 20 minute trying to get a workout without hurting someone or being completely mean. I finally moved to another lane when one cleared out a bit, but it was too late...I was cranky and tense for the rest of the evening.

On the other end of the mood spectrum, I finally went to the club nearby to see about membership. I had a price in mind I was willing to pay, and was completely prepared to play hardball. The problem was...the pool was gorgeous: it was nearly empty, well-kept, had very nice, wave-retarding lane lines, and is available for lap swimming any time. The sales guy said that usually no more than one person occupies a lane, if that. Gulp. I had to really work to not drool all over the place.

Anyway, I signed up for 15 months for less that what I pay per month at the public pool. I have been a happy happy girl all day!

Should I be worried about such mood swings over friggin' swimming?


dunsany said...

I'd just have been mean. Slow people in my swim lane? They's for drownin.

janie said...

Wave-retarding lanes. Nice! Waves are bad.. really bad.

miss d said...

Wow. Aren't you glad you did your research? Water is supposed to be calming...the other pool is much more your space.