Saturday, June 27, 2009

Launch to Florida

Today's the big day. The optimistic part of my personality is trying to overcome the catastrophistic part of my personality. Flying with a toddler might not be pretty, but then again, it might be just fine, and either way it'll be over by midnight tonight. Heck, I can endure anything for a few hours, right.

New little toys and books are wrapped, lollipops stowed, dvds selected, teddybear at the ready. Blanket and monkey are stashed in luggage, along with Bob's ABCs and Elmo's bedtime book. Three swimsuits, 2 sunhats, 1 blowup beach ball...check. Sunblock? About 4 kinds.

Oh yeah, I'm going to Florida to work! I've packed my stats workbook and a million articles related to my project, 3 pairs of sandals, and a sweater for the overly air-conditioned VA building. Pencils, post-its, laptop.

This morning I just need to pack last minute items, set up Twitter mobile, and take August to the park for some energy burn-off. Flight's at 2 pm.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer checklist

Every summer I think about what I'd like to do before fall rolls around again. Then Jana posted her 38 things before 39 list, and that lit a fire:

1. Lunch with Ray at Armandino Batali's
2. Replace back door
3. Replace deck roofing
4. Goodwill
5. Put bike in trunk of car for some semi-commutes to school
6. Outdoor concert with August
7. Experience Sonic drive-in
8. Go to Savannah!
8a. Go to Paula Deen's restaurant?
8b. See about driving up to Charleston
9. Find one bit of the South to bring home with me.
10. Get inaugural flight with toddler out of the way
11. At least 4 open water swims in Aug-Sept
12. Meet up with friends/family at Lincoln Park
13. Shoe/museum outing with Jana
14. Make a new book for August's 2nd birthday
15. This is a toughie: do not get consumed by pilot study which peaks in Aug-Sept
16. Take August to swim at Madison Park beach on a sunny afternoon.
17. Look into/attend kiddie concert series at Seattle Symphony.
18. One NW weekend away.
19. Paint trim.
20. Work on flexibility

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clearing the backlog

The last week or so has been rather hectic, and I keep thinking I'd post the latest, but it just never happened. While Ray loads the rental truck for the dump and I wait for my fish sticks (yes, fish sticks) to come out of the oven, I'll do a little blog-cleanse, twitter version:

Rental car! I love driving rental cars, even this strange little Pontiac whatever-it-is.

DSW—ever been there? It’s like a paradise for the shoe addict. Some cute bags too.

Fever. August has a fever, and it looks like her 3-day holiday with Nana is on hold, or maybe cancelled. Ugh.

You know, you'd never know this kid was sick 30 min post Tylenol.

No sleep last night with feverish toddler in bed with us. And I had plans to get so much done today.

Trip to Nana's resurrected. Doctor thinks this fever thing will run a mild course. Meanwhile I am behind!

Fever gone, August-Nana meet up successful, home to get cranking on my prep for tomorrow’s meetings. But ey am I tired.

Frantically considering what “essentials” need to be ordered to arrive before launch to Florida in 9 days. Car seat table/tray on its way.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Study break

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Feliz Anniversario

Here's to many more years, and maybe even a sailboat.