Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer checklist

Every summer I think about what I'd like to do before fall rolls around again. Then Jana posted her 38 things before 39 list, and that lit a fire:

1. Lunch with Ray at Armandino Batali's
2. Replace back door
3. Replace deck roofing
4. Goodwill
5. Put bike in trunk of car for some semi-commutes to school
6. Outdoor concert with August
7. Experience Sonic drive-in
8. Go to Savannah!
8a. Go to Paula Deen's restaurant?
8b. See about driving up to Charleston
9. Find one bit of the South to bring home with me.
10. Get inaugural flight with toddler out of the way
11. At least 4 open water swims in Aug-Sept
12. Meet up with friends/family at Lincoln Park
13. Shoe/museum outing with Jana
14. Make a new book for August's 2nd birthday
15. This is a toughie: do not get consumed by pilot study which peaks in Aug-Sept
16. Take August to swim at Madison Park beach on a sunny afternoon.
17. Look into/attend kiddie concert series at Seattle Symphony.
18. One NW weekend away.
19. Paint trim.
20. Work on flexibility

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