Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Clearing the backlog

The last week or so has been rather hectic, and I keep thinking I'd post the latest, but it just never happened. While Ray loads the rental truck for the dump and I wait for my fish sticks (yes, fish sticks) to come out of the oven, I'll do a little blog-cleanse, twitter version:

Rental car! I love driving rental cars, even this strange little Pontiac whatever-it-is.

DSW—ever been there? It’s like a paradise for the shoe addict. Some cute bags too.

Fever. August has a fever, and it looks like her 3-day holiday with Nana is on hold, or maybe cancelled. Ugh.

You know, you'd never know this kid was sick 30 min post Tylenol.

No sleep last night with feverish toddler in bed with us. And I had plans to get so much done today.

Trip to Nana's resurrected. Doctor thinks this fever thing will run a mild course. Meanwhile I am behind!

Fever gone, August-Nana meet up successful, home to get cranking on my prep for tomorrow’s meetings. But ey am I tired.

Frantically considering what “essentials” need to be ordered to arrive before launch to Florida in 9 days. Car seat table/tray on its way.

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