Saturday, May 30, 2009

22 (months) going on 22

August insisted on wearing these boots today.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Once in awhile I have a good idea. About 10 years ago I typed up a list of everything I need for a weekend away. I put the list in a sheet protector and I still use it to this day. It's somehow (geekily) quite satisfying.

Off to a conference to be inspired...and to get a lot of work done!

(Speaking of inspiration...thanks for the photo idea, Jane.)

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Every once in a while (actually, more frequently than that), I encounter a typical daily-life situation in which I fail miserably. Common sense flies out the window, and I'm left contemplating my ineptitude.

Case in point: Today I was studying (quite productively) at one of my favorite study spots. A guy comes in asking about a black Volvo in the parking lot. He'd hit my car while pulling in to the parking space.

So instead of being slightly miffed and focused on the problem at hand, I think about how great it is that he came forward to admit his mistake. Ray's car has been hit 2 or 3 times with no note, no nothing.

We walk out to look at the damage, and he gives me his insurance card. Instead of writing down his insurance information, I thank him for coming forward, and simply jot down his name, address, and ask for his phone number. Then I give him my name and number...on a piece of paper I need to keep, which means I have to rewrite it. Does he need this? I have no clue. Do I need to write down his insurance company and policy number? Of course, but I don't think of this at the time. Do I need to make a note of his license number? Of course, but I don't think of this either.

Before he leaves I thank him again. As he drives off I think of all I should've done, and realize, yet again:
1) I don't need to be friends with everybody.
2) I do need to think/act like a responsible adult.

At the same time, I'm kinda glad that I can still be grateful for the integrity of others even in the midst of situations where I'm at a loss. Now if I could just get some focus and common sense during these situations, we'd have a winning strategy.

Until then, I need a chaperone.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thankful for sun

What a spectacular weekend. After a pretty intense couple of weeks, this weekend felt like a much needed break. I have done zero schoolwork (aside from an hour or two of grading) and that's okay. This is the quiet before the end-of-quarter craziness, and it seemed best spent relaxing.

Some highlights from this weekend:
- Brunch at mentor's place
- Scoured and organized the pantry cupboard
- W Sea farmers some advice on planting tomatoes and basil
- finally cut out and mulched over the last bed in the front yard
- Ray did a great job of getting rid of a winters-worth of fallen branches and dead shrubbery
- Aug and I swam at the pool
- August's first "mine!" proclamation: book called I Like To Share

I think I feel ready for the week, and whatever comes next, namely...

- conference in Keystone, CO
- Finals
- Write pre-dissertation prospectus (eeek) by end of finals week
- Prep for co-teaching summer quarter
- One week neuroplasticity seminar
- Fly to U of F, Gainesville, FL
- Three weeks of research (i.e. self-directed stats bootcamp)
- Five days of fun at Tybee Island/Savannah, GA before heading home
- Four weeks of teaching

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

In Memory of Sammy

Sammy Sosa Chowderhead, formerly Suzie Q Von Crown, was born May 6, 1993 to sire Tobias Xavier II and dam Thompson’s Stormy Weather of Grapevine, Texas. She lived in Texas with her family for several years before moving to the Pacific Northwest. Upon the installation of white carpeting, Sammy became an “outside dog,” a situation which did not suit her. Recognizing this, a vigilant neighbor suggested a better home for Sammy.

Sammy was adopted by Rebecca and Andy in November, 1998. In her new home she made friends (as best she could) with resident cat Ramon. Sammy enjoyed playing with her stuffed toys – carrot, elephant, and an assortment of hippos – and liked to gather her “babies” (i.e. socks) in a pile in the backyard. In addition to walks around the neighborhood, Sammy enjoyed trips to the beach, running after birds, and rides in the car. Sammy loved food, but would to ask permission for a loitering sandwich or waffle on the kitchen counter before gobbling it up.

Sammy was a fierce watchdog and simultaneous tail-wagger, who would bark non-stop upon the arrival of a guest, and then be ready to go home with them 10 minutes later. She defended her family, even Ramon, but would yield to the slightest hint of assertion. For example, if someone, say Ramon, wanted her beef rib bone, Sammy would immediately acquiesce.

Sammy kept a brave face through many trials over the years: ACL surgery, several mastectomies, a severe bacterial infection, and more recently seizures. Throughout it all, she was a source of joy and comfort for her family – especially Rebecca, Ray, August, Andy, Grammy, and when convenient T-ko and Ramon. She will be dearly missed.

Please sign the memorial guestbook (i.e. comments).

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Weather: It's rainy and windy outside. Perfect night for movie watching.

Today's question: Anyone have a great 20-min workout dvd (cardiovascular)?

Current tv addiction: Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa

Current weekend project: finding elastic material for my boots mod. Girdle material didn't cut it with the cobbler.

Current weekend school-work: grading 39 papers

Tomorrow's highlights: Sustainable West Seattle and play with Baby R.

Tonight's dinner: quinoa pasta with pesto and talapia and salad

Tonight's movie idea: Pillow Talk with Doris Day and Rock Hudson