Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thankful for sun

What a spectacular weekend. After a pretty intense couple of weeks, this weekend felt like a much needed break. I have done zero schoolwork (aside from an hour or two of grading) and that's okay. This is the quiet before the end-of-quarter craziness, and it seemed best spent relaxing.

Some highlights from this weekend:
- Brunch at mentor's place
- Scoured and organized the pantry cupboard
- W Sea farmers some advice on planting tomatoes and basil
- finally cut out and mulched over the last bed in the front yard
- Ray did a great job of getting rid of a winters-worth of fallen branches and dead shrubbery
- Aug and I swam at the pool
- August's first "mine!" proclamation: book called I Like To Share

I think I feel ready for the week, and whatever comes next, namely...

- conference in Keystone, CO
- Finals
- Write pre-dissertation prospectus (eeek) by end of finals week
- Prep for co-teaching summer quarter
- One week neuroplasticity seminar
- Fly to U of F, Gainesville, FL
- Three weeks of research (i.e. self-directed stats bootcamp)
- Five days of fun at Tybee Island/Savannah, GA before heading home
- Four weeks of teaching

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