Wednesday, August 10, 2005

RIP: Aug 2003 - Mar 2005

I've had this new blog for several months, but somehow I really miss my old blog. "Rebecca's Anytime Pancakes" represented 1.5 years of silly keyboard puttering. None of what I wrote held any real value or importance, but somehow life's minutiae becomes a comforting personal history.

Since that content is probably gone forever, I'll pay homage by summing up some of the old posts:

The "War on Terror" is a ridiculous slogan
My former neighbors and their divorce
Snow day in Seattle
The revenge of the tent caterpillars
Party/costume recaps
List of 50 things I'd like to accomplish
Cashing large, expired check
Stories from the commute
Paint selections for my office
Trips to UK, Romania, Nebraska, Hawaii, Victoria
Britta in utero
Selling house, buying condo
About donors

Hotel rooftop in Barlad, Romania. Lots of adorable communist-era concrete structures. September, 2003.

I visited some donors who were as awkward and uncomfortable as the furniture that pervaded their monstrous cold house. Spring 2004.

A rodeo taking place near the site of the family reunion. June, 2004

Hawaii! This one is from somewhere outside of Kona on the Big Island. We tooled around the island with Ray's dad. August, 2004

New floor in my new condo. August, 2004.

Darth Mahler in Victoria. September, 2004.

Jack-o-lantern. October, 2004

This photo wasn't in the old blog, but they're the cool cowboy boots I got from Ray for Christmas. Rock on John Fluevog. December, 2004.


janie said...

Nearly three years of observations and rants and pictures. A goldmine. 'rebecca's anytime pancakes' is still listed on my brower's favorites. Although it takes me to erik benson's site now, i'm keeping the name of the link as is because it is nice to see it there.

janie said...

Whoops, I mean 2 years of history.
i can't add...