Monday, February 19, 2007

Nada mas

I have today off for President's Day, which is lucky since I did absolutely no school work over the weekend. Cleaned the house, picked up Ray from the airport, went to a couple of fun shindigs, and got caught up on sleep, but nothing for school. I don't have this kind of time to kill, but bygones...

Last week I was anxious to pull together an abstract for my research project for the university-wide research symposium this spring. My professor is hard to track down, and we hadn't as a group discussed the results of the analysis fully. And this is analysis that I've been working on for, well, almost a year. Granted, I've not been going at it alone, but still.

I finally caught Dr. R. in the lab, and mentioned to her that I'd be submitting a
draft abstract for her after the weekend, with time to tweak it before the due date. "How about we work on it right now?" Excellent!

In about 20 minutes, we banged out the opening sentences, and she told me to finish up the results section and shoot it to her over email. The shocker: it took me all of 10 minutes to summarize the results, although in somewhat gobblety-gook fashion. All this time I've been waiting for a 2 hour meeting to pour over and finalize our findings, and lo, here they are! Without going into snoozable levels of detail (that's obviously not published yet anyway) the skinny is: we used fMRI (functional MRI for the brain) analysis tools to look at subjects' regional activiation (i.e. hemodynamic response) for spoken production of frequent and infrequent syllables w/i non-words. Aside from some predictable and not-so-predictable right and left hemisphere activations, there were some interesting patterns of deactivation in one condition.

Anyway, today I'll finish up this abstract and get some other school work done, and hopefully organize the monstrous stacks of paper of my desk that are taking over.

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