Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My psyche

Fun fun dream last night. I just emailed my friend Miss D about it...

"...You had just got the latest gadget, kind of like the latest iPod, except this one didn't play music. Oh no, it was kind of like a sea plane, except the size of a cool little handheld device. (Don't ask me how a plane can be this small...dream logic, y'know.) So you were showing it to me and took me for a spin. It was really fun...we made a water landing and everything. I think you even let me fly the thing. And in the dream, the best thing about this gadget was that it was also...wait for it...a video camera! Wow. Imagine. Who cares about a tiny flying machine when you can record video!"

Screw the iPhone...let's see Steve Jobs come up with the iFly.

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dunsany said...

Actually, that'll be the iPBY