Monday, April 11, 2005

Non sequitur

Jazz should have rules. Flutes should be limited to classical music; xylophones should be limited to marching bands.


I drove past a church called Son Rise Evangelical Free Church. Evangelical Free?

The cats have been fighting all night...more like yelling at each other actually. Now that they are over being totally freaked out about each other, they are starting to show their true colors. Mony is being a whiny brat, and T-ko is acting scared and suspicious.

A couple of short stories ideas: the first is an adoption story told from the perspective of a man who gave up the child he fathered as a teenager or young adult. This is mostly about the anticipation of the child finding him again one day (if ever), will the child forgive him, etc. I've read or heard of plenty of stories told from the child's perspective, but not much from the father, though I'm sure it's been done.

The second: what it would be like to wake up after years having past in a dissociative state...not after being in a coma, but more like after living in a functional dissociative state, and suddenly having the conscious state being suddenly transported back into the waking state after time has past, life decisions made, and everything's totally different from the last conscious moment. This is similar to something I think about quite a bit, where someone from another time is suddenly transported into this moment, wherever I am, and looking at things from that perspective. It's fascinating to think about.