Thursday, April 14, 2005

Possum Poo

Last night I lived a (mild) variation of Jana's life.

I was getting ready for bed, exhausted as I'd gotten up at 4 am to take Ray to the airport. I let Sammy out for the last time, and when I called her back in, I noticed she was covered in grass. Uh oh...yup, she's been rolling in that horrible poo again.

I took her in the shower with me where I used up the last 1/4 of the bottle of dog shampoo, and proceeded to finish the job with the Trader Joe's shampoo I just bought. I wasn't sure I got her completely rinsed, but I was wiped. It was now 11:30...not to bad.

At midnight she wanted to go out again.

At 2:30 she was so strongly perfumed with the Trader Joe's shampoo that she woke me up. She was awake, sitting, acting lethargic. Half awake, I decided that she may get sick if she's not totally rinsed, so we got back in the shower and did the whole routine again.

At 5:30 she wanted to go out again.

By 7 am she was back to her old self, but with exceptionally fluffy and appropriately perfumed black fur. All the towels and some of the blankets are soaking wet in the laundry bin.

I want a nap!

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