Friday, February 24, 2006

Bee in my bonnet: an update

Last post, I pasted my snarky email to a local TV station. A producer responded within 24 hours, which I appreciated. She told me..."We’ve spent months working on the investigation not because we felt it would “bring in an audience” but because we feel it is a matter that substantially serves the public interest."

At the time, I did a brief web search to see if other news media had also picked up this story. Nope. Out of curiousity, I checked again a few minutes ago, more than a week after the story broke. Found nary a thing on graffiti in airplane holds in the local papers or public radio news.

But do you know what does "substantially serve the public interest?" The word bonnet! I don't think I've written or said this word since my 3rd grade book report on Little House in the Big Woods! Had to spell check that sucker.

Good thing I'm not producing TV news shows, huh.

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