Sunday, February 5, 2006

Cat and rabbit gang

On Friday night we were walking out the front door heading for dinner. Ray commented on the larger than usual grouping of cats hanging out on the parking strip. We took a closer of thems ain't a cat! That's a rabbit!

Sure enough, a big brown rabbit was hanging out with the cats. There was no predator/prey dynamic here. It was more like watching guys stand around a Harley, kicking its tires.

We walked down the steps and they all walked/hopped across the street and loitered there briefly. Then the rabbit hopped up the closest driveway, while the cats walked away. I went up to the house and asked if they were missing a pet rabbit. "Nope," my neighbor replied, "...but I've seen that rabbit before."

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miss d said...

This story made my day. I love it.