Saturday, July 22, 2006


Looking around my office space at home, I am disgusted by all the crap that I really don't use or enjoy. I already have a big stack of stuff to go to Goodwill, but maybe it'd be more fun to trade or give it to someone who will at least marginally appreciate it. Or use it in some art project.

CDs up for grabs, for a few weeks anyway before I go to Easy Street. I'll mail it if you feel like trading for something funky or interesting of any value.

PJ Harvey, Uh Huh Her, 2004

Her album before this one was so good, and this one seems so mediocre to me. But reading the Amazon reviews, I guess a lot of people really liked it.

The Vines, Winning Days, 2004

This is a pretty good album, but I never listen to it. It's pretty rockin' alt-punk-whatever, and the best song is "TV Pro".

Otto, Samba Pra Burro, 1998
Brazilian techno...interesting.

Ennio Morricone, Morricone Aromatico, 2004
A compilation of the composer made famous by his movie scores, including The Mission. Everything is listed it Italian, and I didn't recognize a lot of it.

Joan Osborne, Righteous Love, 2000
Where did this come from? I don't think I've ever listened to it.

Joan Osborne, How Sweet It Is, 2002
Huh? Did I have some kind of Joan Osborne blackout? I couldn't hum a thing on here. I don't even know what Joan Osborne sounds like.

The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, 1967
Classic! I own 2 of these, so I'm willing to part with this one. But what if I need a backup one day...?

Phil Collins, Serious Hits...Live!, 1990
I suppose this is good for 80s reminiscing, but I don't need this CD to do that.

Dan Fogelberg, Greatest Hits, 1982

I think someone loaned this to me 15 years ago, but I have no idea who. Never listened to it. Who was Dan Fogelberg?

James Taylor, Dad Loves His Work, 1981
Same as above...except I do like James Taylor. I've just never listened to this album.

And the gem...

Kenny G, Breathless, 1992
Oh my god. I've been listening to this while writing this up, and it is disturbing. This is so boyfriend-in-1992-ish. Maybe I should find him and send it to him. We went to the Kenny G/Michael Bolton concert together at the Puyallup Fair. Oy! If I could've gone on stage and touched both of their long wavy mullets, maybe it would've all been worth it.

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dunsany said...

You need to get the Kenny G and James Taylor out of the house.

And does the Dan Fogelberg have "Same Old Lang Syne" on it? I kind of liked that song.