Friday, July 14, 2006

Multi-purpose melon

I was driving though the east edge of the International District this afternoon, as I do every day when I work. I had my windows rolled down since it's hot and my air conditioning is on the fritz. While stopped at a light, I heard a lot of yelling coming from a large, fenced Asian produce market on the corner. Two guys -- I assume they were employees -- took off around the fence and headed down the street after someone, yelling in high pitched voices in Mandarin or Szechuan. Behind them was a cashier woman, also running and yelling. She stopped suddenly, turned around and ran back to one of the produce bins. After scanning the bin quickly, she picked out a perfect, palmable little watermelon. She turned around again and jumped back into the race down the street, holding the watermelon next to her head, ready to launch it at the perpetrator as soon as she was within range.

I didn't get a chance to see what happened next, as the light changed and a mini-van virtually stopped in the intersection to watch the action, blocking my view. Anyway, I hope her great idea was accompanied by good aim.

Note to Miss D: A few minutes later I stopped at that DeLite Bakery on Beacon Hill and bought some rolls. Now I get what you were telling me about those relatives who came to visit and their bread fixation! So evilgood.


miss d said...

Mmm...pan de sal. So goooood. Glad you'r enjoying the bread! :)

becca said...

I think I got pan de leche, but it was right next to the pan de sal, which I'll have to try next time. (No! No!)