Thursday, April 5, 2007


I've had this new fangled Blogspot blog for 2 whopping years already. Still wish I could access my old blog, but it still may be in the hands of Brazilian blackmailers. Who knows.

Anyway, I'm feeling overwhelmed and undermotivated about what needs to be accomplished in the next 5 months before pushing a wee human out of me. (Um, let's just not go there yet.)

- Finish and present research at 2 symposiums (symposia? symposii?)
- Put condo on the market (hopefully it needs little or no work!)

- Help Ray's dad move from Hawaii, and get him set up in a new place
- Finish up at school

- Plan and initiate big home improvement projects
- Maybe work in another professor's lab
- Take childbirth classes

- Finish home improvement projects
- Finish childbirth prep
- Learn to relax.

There. I feel better already.

1 comment:

sim said...

Wow 2 years + blogging.
Does that now qualify as a bad habbit or a vice ?