Friday, September 14, 2007

More music

Music was very important in our family growing up. We all started music lessons early on, with me on the piano and then clarinet, my brother on the flute and then guitar and then bass, and my sister on the violin then piano and a few other things. We all eventually sang in choirs, school musicals and/or bands. My parents always had Classic KING on during the day, or played some of their large record collection, consisting of mostly classical and American and international folk music. All of us developed an appreciation for music, and surprising understanding of traditional Slavic tunes -- my dad kept a stack of records he purchased Yugoslavia in the early sixties which became classic family listening. I may know nothing about Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond or Captain and Tennille, but I can spot Beethoven, Brahms and Debussy a mile off.

I often think about the foundational musical values give to me by my parents and wished that I engaged in musical opportunities more often. First of all, why aren't we attending the symphony, the opera (what happened to our plans to see La Boheme this spring?), Folk Life, etc. Second, I need to expand my classical music collection. I have plenty of international music, but my classical repertoire is stuck on a few cds I like best (Mozart, Copland, Faure, Brahms). Third, there are not enough occasions in which to have good live music. Having a wedding is one occasion. My brother sang Ave Maria during our ceremony and it was a highlight of the event. Ray and I have somewhat jokingly talked about hiring the mariachi band at La Costa for an event, like a baby party or birthday...but who has the space appropriate for that kind of music? I've also been trying to figure out an occasion for an opera singing friend to sing Faure's Pie Jesu. Is it wrong to plan a non-religious baptism/baby dedication just to hear someone sing?

Ray and I have discussed some of the foundational values we'd like to pass to August. Mine are swimming and piano lessons, and Ray has agreed we'll invest in a piano or keyboard as space and finances allow. Ray wants August exposed to martial arts and has plans to introduce calculus as soon as she's out of the bassinet. (I joke, but seriously, he just bought a book called Who is Fourier? A Mathematical Adventure! for her.)

Anyway, I'd like August to have the experience I had growing up...a house filled with lots of music. Thankfully, it's easy to start with the stereo.

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miss d said...

That's a lovely wish. You know how I feel about music, so I'm right there with you. Before you know it, August will soon be a piano playin' martial artist. Killer combo. :)

BTW, my nephew's band is going to play at my mom's 70th birthday party in a week. I love that my family is so into music also. I'm sure that the three of you will have many musical experiences to come. So much to look forward to!