Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Things I love

1. Tim Gunn
If Oprah is the new Jesus, then Tim Gunn is the new John the Baptist. But maybe for different religions.

I want Tim Gunn to adopt me as his new favorite niece. Until that happens, I'll just watch his new show on Bravo and wait for Project Runway to start.

2. The Moby Wrap
Genius comes in one long strip of cotton knit. I am not the kind of person who savors spending every moment with a newborn who wants to be held. This morning I remembered the Moby Wrap, strapped it around my body and stuffed August in one of the pockets. She immediately seemed to think she was back in the womb, and now I have two hands to carry on my lengthy to do list!

3. Wee! Wii!
What possesses a person to buy a Nintendo Wii game system as a baby shower present? Whatever the reason, it's a good one! Ray and I have been planning on buying one for months now, but never could justify the expense. Now that we've received one (thank you Mark! and Erin too for considering such a gift!), we are surely going to be better parents. Right? I've found making Miis (gaming characters) is almost as much fun as playing the games themselves. If you use our Wii (yes, this is an invitation), you can play as me, Ray, August, OR Denzel Washington, Cesar Milan, Oprah Winfrey, Chow Yung-fat, Pippi Longstocking, Spike from Buffy, or Bertha, my evil alter ego.

Ohmygod -- I must go make a Tim Gunn Mii!

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r said...

And with the Wii, the kid will never need to go outside and play games manually.

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