Thursday, October 11, 2007

Move over Palmier

On special occasions (not real special occasions, but rather occasions when I'm in the vicinity and allow myself a splurge) I like to get a Palmier pastry at Le Panier near Pike Place Market. I love these pastries because they are buttery and flaky and just slightly sweet. They have just the right amount of low-resistance crispiness. And they go great with a good cappuccino, which they also serve. The Palmier at Le Panier is probably in my top 5 favorite food items in Seattle (ah-ha, good post for later.)

After reading rave reviews for Bakery Nouveau in our local 'hood, I decided I needed to give it a shot, especially the Twice-baked Almond Croissant.

C'est Fou! C'est Magnifique! Stop the presses!

This is an amazing bit of French pastry goodness. The twice-baked part gives is a stunning initial crispness as you bite down, then inside it's moist and has just the right amount of that almond filling, whatever it's called. It's perfection, really, and now I understand why the chef and owner of Bakery Nouveau is "Champion Du Monde de la Boulangerie" (yup, the World Cup of Baking) as of 2005, an apparently highly impressive win amongst the top bakers in the world, including the French.

You're right, this post warrants a photo, but I snarfed the croissant before I realized it was a photo-worthy event. So instead I leave you with a baguette photo, which we'll sample tonight and report back.

By the way, if anyone wants to wander over to West Seattle and meet up for lunch at Bakery Nouveau, they also have some really elegant and tasty-looking French-style sandwiches, not to mention tarts and yes, chocolates made on the premises. (This place has Sheila written all over it!)

UPDATE - The baguette was superb.

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