Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The variable year

I had a birthday last week...another reminder that I don't feel my actual age in the least bit. For several years I felt 23, and now I feel about 27, which goes to show that I am actually aging, just at a different rate than the calendar says.

This is interesting to me because I also remember what age felt like as a kid. Remember when it took forever to get to a birthday, and becoming 15 seemed like eons away? Time really crawled by.

So my conclusion: we start out aging in something like dog-years -- seven years rolled into one -- and as we get older our "years" slow down. I'd say from about 15-25 a "year" is an actual year. Somewhere between 25-30, the calendar starts feeling a little too fast. After 30, it speeds up even more. Right now I think I'm aging about 1/4 "year" for every actual year.

If this continues, I should hit 36 when I'm about 65. Let's hope advances in cosmetic surgery keep step with my theory.

1 comment:

Jana Kleitsch said...

Happy birthday! When are we gonna get our pedis?

For some reason I feel like I went from feeling 27 to feeling 36 in only 2 years. I'd like to see my life in velocity plotted over time.