Saturday, January 31, 2009

HD 266.5!

Thanks to Ray, who made sacrifices in the book department, we exceeded the House Diet goal by 16.5 lbs! Not only that, I think we'll have a nice chunk of change coming our way from Half Price Books.

I told Jana earlier tonight that I don't really notice a big difference in our house, but actually our dining and coffee table have been noticeably clutter-free for the last week or two. And when I get time to organize the shelves and cupboards we've cleared, I think it'll make an even bigger impact.

Ah, love a clean house.

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Sheila said...

Think again about the "nice chunk of change" from Half Price Books. I've been stiffed by them the last three times I've taken books there. I'd rather give my books to the Goodwill than walk out of HPB with a $2 credit.