Sunday, February 22, 2009

Normal people weekend?

Burning desire of mine this morn:
Write in rhyme (you've been warned)
The topic of today is starting to gel
Quote-unquote Normal People

This weekend seemed so "normal" to me
I got things done, felt almost carefree
I didn't study on Friday night
Or Saturday night, or maybe even not tonight!

(Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself
I have to study sometime, or else...)
But the point I'm poorly trying to make
Is that I've had a quite fantastic break

I helped with painting, went to the store
Played De Blog for a minute or more
Watched BSG, a movie too
Went to the park with Augie-boo

(We never actually call her that
But sometimes my rhymes are really flat)
Speaking of Aug, she got a potty chair
She opens the lid and stuffs in Teddy Bear

Today: long awaited trip to Marlene's
Sheila and I will load up on healthies
"Gluten-free", "fruit juice sweetened", soy galore
And cheaper than PCC -- whatta store!

Later I'll work out my IRB -- fun
And think about research in the sun
(Have I thrown you? Here's a tease:
I'm going to Florida among the palm trees!)

Oh this rhyme just really sucks
It barely makes sense, even for ducks
I'd better stop now...I think I might
I'm only coming up with words that are shite


Natasha said...

I like your rhyme! Hey, where is Marlene's?

becca said...

Marlene's is in Federal Way, so it's a bit of a field trip...but worth it to stock up.