Friday, July 24, 2009

Trip highlights

We're back in town and I'm still exhausted. I think I've been fighting off a cold helped along by a late night flight home. Anyway, we had a marvelous time which included the following highlights:

- Phenomenal Latin food at Emiliano's in Gainesville. We went here twice. Ray had some outstanding BBQ. Sangria was also excellent.
- Had the best Gazpacho ever while in Atlanta, and will attempt the recipe myself sometime this weekend.
- Disney World was incredibly fun.
- Swam near dolphins while staying on Tybee Island. At one point they were about 15 ft away. Incredible.
- Did not make it to Mrs. Wilkes in Savannah as the line was too long for August to endure, but Ray bought her cookbook.
- Architectural tour of Savannah was interesting, and tour guide Jonathon's knowledge was very deep. Highly recommended.
- Learned at Fort Pulaski that the Union soldiers named their cannons after generals, while the Confederate soldiers named their cannons after their moms and sweethearts.
- Southern mosquitoes LOVE me (more of a lowlight than a highlight)
- I have new home layout/floorplan ideas after staying in 3 different homes and one condo. And a new appreciation for the Ranch and Frank Lloyd Wright.
- Ate some of the best pizza ever at Satchel's in Gainesville.
- August learned how to climb out of her pack-n-play a few days after we arrived. She also climbed out of her crib the day after we returned home. Sigh.
- Renewed appreciation for chilled white wine.
- When you have the absolute "best" mattress at home, it spoils you for all other mattresses. My back is slowly unkinking. Love love love Tempur-Pedic.
- Waffle House pecan waffles rock.
- Did stop at Sonic and got a blue coconut slushy, which I quickly realized would make me sick, so dumped out. Oh well.
- Really dislike that GPS lady. Directions consistently idiotic.
- The only way I'll eat crab is fresh, boiled, and untainted by anything but a bit of dipping butter.
- Hmmm, what else. Maybe I'll post a few photos...

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