Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Back to normal

I think we're seeing light at the end of the craziness tunnel. I've neglected my blog for long enough, and yet, what to write? My brain has been totally saturated by school and moving and toddlerdom that I haven't had any bloggable thoughts lately. Hmmm.

How about the final weeks of 2009: There are six weeks left of the first decade of this millenium. (Ray pointed this out the other day and I nearly fell over.) I think these next few weeks are going to be really great. Here's why:

1. I have a very structured schedule for working on my pre-dissertation project manuscript and related conference proposal. It seems quite doable, and so therefore fun. I think my paper is going to be accepted at this conference, as it's a good study. Just a little nervous that I can present it in a way that lives up to its theoretical origins.

2. If I do well on the next two neuro exams, I can skip the last exam on the 11th, thus ending my quarter a few days early.

3. I'm excited to have all of the week of Dec 14th blocked out to write (really, this is part of #1).

4. We are hosting Thanksgiving for my family at our new house...and since they haven't seen it yet, I can't wait to show it to them.

5. We're planning a end-of-quarter/holiday/housewarming thingy for the weekend of Dec 12-13. I'm thinking pie, cheese, fruit, and hot spiced wine.

6. We're planning on a big Christmas tree this year. Woohoo!

7. Front door is aching for a nice green wreath.

8. I AM taking the last 2 weeks of December off. August and I will be looking for lots of fun activities for those weeks.

9. Diane suggested adding another rockstar to my committee. I love having a great mentor with fantastic connections.

10. The furnace we need to replace is actually working great. Hoping that continues for at least a few more months.

11. Ray picked up my old tv from his dad, so now it's set up in the basement by my exercise bike, just waiting for a cycling/movie watching occasion.

12. Sheila's annual chocolate party -- can't wait. (And another good reason to be happy about #11.)