Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hate to wait

I've always been terrible at waiting. If something is wrong, just tell me now so I can work out my Plan B. I'm awful at anticipating the unknown. Welcome to life.

Once again we are waiting to hear about our new house. Nothing dire probably, everything appears to be moving forward "as far as we know," but we're waiting to hear back about the filing of some paperwork that should clear title. Title must clear...will it?

The plan is to have the keys by Friday morning (yes, this Friday) and rent the place until we close, possibly on the 16th or at least some time in November. I am not going to be confident (i.e. relaxed) until we a) have the keys in hand and b) sign our names on the dotted line. Of course this is real estate 101...but geez is it ever an emotionally draining process.

If worse comes to worse, we will have the movers pack our stuff into storage containers, stay with Sooz for a few days, find an apartment and unpack the essentials, and find a new house. It will be challenging but it will be temporary.

And that's why I should not be so stressed about all this...it's all ultimately temporary!

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