Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There are worse jobs

That title makes it sound like I'm making a comparison to my job, which isn't the case. I love my job--it's the best job I've ever had. But today I really felt for a woman who really has a crappy job.

I was taking the bus home from school today, which always involves a transfer downtown. I had about 3 blocks to walk, which I did quickly as it was raining cats and dogs, as it had been all day. A woman was standing on the corner at 1st (no, not that kind of woman!), adorned in gortex and big rubber boots. "Hi, how are you today!" she basically yelled at me cheerily.

"Wet," I said. Then I saw she was holding a water-proof clipboard type contraption.

Thankfully she saw I was sans-umbrella and practically running to the bus stop, so she didn't proceed with her survey, petition, fundraising request, or whatever it is someone pays her to do standing on the street with a waterproof clipboard.

But can you imagine? She'd probably been in that exact location for hours, in the rain, having to maintain a cheerful attitude, and identify the few (if any) pedestrians who might be inclined to stop and talk in the pouring rain. Ugh. I sure hope this wasn't a commission-only job.

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