Monday, February 1, 2010

A rare opportunity

It's mid-quarter, which means I should be in the thick of it. Today is a rare exception: I've finished my take-home midterm for stats (due tomorrow), and I'm waiting to talk to my study's originator before moving forward on my manuscript. Sure there are journal articles to be read and writing to be done, but I haven't had a break since before we moved 3 months ago. Christmas was a break in a way, but when there's a toddler about, it's not actually a break.

(Did you hear all that rationalizing going on? I'm feeling guilty...but I will persevere!)

So here I am, Monday morning, with a "personal day" plot in my head:

1. Leisurely get ready for the day. Write blog post. Make bed--maybe lay in it a bit first.

2. Take bus downtown. Go to Le Panier. Drink coffee. Read 1 journal article. (Ooops--how'd that get in there!)

3. Wander around. Buy 1 or 2 cheap interesting things. Eat something somewhere.

4. Go see The Young Victoria at 1:25 pm. Possibly eat movie popcorn (gasp!).

5. Bus home. Pick up toddler.


Jana Kleitsch said...

Is this for real or just your daydream? I am hoping it is for real! sound heavenly! Enjoy!!

becca said...

For. Real.