Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Thanksgiving is Thursday. It's the day when you're suppose to be thankful for stuff. Today I am in a less than thankful mood.

- Mony continues to spray randomly in the house. It is trying my last nerve. Since we've tried everything, I'm picking up some kitty valium tomorrow. How can one cat be so loving and cuddly while we're home, and then spray the dog's bed when we're out? (Nope, not a urinary tract infection, but likely senility.)
- My car seems to be leaking coolant or something, plus some of the little heating/cooling lights keep flashing at me. It is overdue for a tune-up.
- Ray's starting a new company, which is cool, but in the multi-faceted stressful stages right now.
- Sammy has figured out how to get up on the stool that leads to the chair that leads to the table where Ramon's food sits. I figured this out since Mony's food bowl was on the floor and his place mat was spotless.
- Several friends are experiencing various levels of bad times right now.
- I haven't been swimming in a week and a half.

On the flip side:

- We are healthy, with a roof and heat and food in the fridge and fantastic friends and family.
- We are fortunate in many ways even when I'm not swimming and Ray's not getting a paycheck.
- We're hosting Thanksgiving dinner for friends. Ray's doing most of the cooking. I just upped the pie count to 3 so we have enough for everyone. It'll be a great time.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

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