Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bad hearing

I've been thinking about my hearing lately. We saw Serenity over the weekend, and I may as well been watching it in another language. The theatre had a less than optimal sound system, and the distortion made the movie nearly inaudible for me. Ray didn't have this experience, which leads me to believe that yes, I do have some kind of issue with my hearing. This is why I've grown to dislike parties more and more over the years. If there's background noise, I can't understand people a lot of the time.

What I did hear during the movie was stuff like this:

Captain: We'll blurd de frmuson on the kafgen in runnion fwenj hour.
Woman: But that will probably cauf the dregee to plinf urn munofoson.
Captain: Are you kidding? That seminkin strat will doofle bledty morf home.

I made Ray tell me the whole story later. The woman who I thought was the princess...she was really a hooker. The whole thing about the planet with the skeletons, that was at the root of several other plot points. I'd like to see this movie for real as I think I might like it. The version of the story I made up in my head while watching it was only moderately amusing.


miss d said...

oh, that's quite unfortunate. the dvd came out yesterday, i think, so perhaps you can watch it more closely later. i really enjoyed it and i think you shall too.

ben compton said...

My sister got the DVD yesterday and now that we're visiting in Kentucky, we got a chance to watch it. I hadn't seen the movie in theaters....

...And I had the exact same experience as you. Everyone else could hear them clearly and yet I could not understand half of what people were saying. It was really bizarre. And this wasn't in a crappy theater with crappy distorted sound, this was in a home theater with clear-as-possible DVD sound.

Maybe I have issues with my hearing too, but fuck that was weird.

lloyd said...

Oh, that's way too funny. Your quoting cracked me up so much that I almost spit out my Tall Non-Fat No Water Chai Tea Latte.

(Typing all this out gives the experience a little more "umph" than a simple "LOL")

del said...

What did you say?