Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Done done done

I am so frickin' glad that is over. Test 1 - linguistics - was relatively easy and actually kinda fun. I think I did just fine on that test. Test 2 - anatomy and physiology - was downright evil. It crossed my mind to just make a pretty pattern out of my scantron form. It just really didn't matter that I studied all weekend. I've taken out my agressions: Ray bought a gingerbread man for me, which I ate it when I got home, ripping its head off as if it was Professor B. What an evil man. I think his first intent was to bring the curve down by a good bit with this test.

So now what? I have 3 blissful weeks to work my 20 hours/week job and not much else. But oh, there's lots to do!

Put up Christmas decorations (done as of last night)
Start and finish Christmas cards.
Get prints of wedding photos.
Paint the bedroom.
See friends.
See movies.
Oh! Start and finish my Christmas shopping.

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Anonymous said...

yay! I'm just glad you're done. I'm sure you aced your evil test. See you soon!!! Jana