Saturday, December 3, 2005

Today at Ladro...

The Wiccans are here with their laptops. They have long, wavy hair and wear woolly black cloaky things. One is writing a pagan fantasy novel, loosely based on the Mists of Avalon, and the other is working on a memoir for her mother. One of them works in finance, a middle manager for bank card services, and the other one works as an office manager for an insurance company, but is considering studying naturopathy, or at least ear candling.

A woman just came in with her husband. She's probably 60, with dark designer flared-leg jeans, black heeled boots, a white fur jacket, and bright red leather gloves (nice touch). She's hip, except for her jewelry and hair which are better suited to someone else in her peer group. They just got done looking at a waterfront house, and they're trying to decide about making an offer. She ordered rhubarb pie with her coffee. He's eating most of it as she's watching her figure.

Ah ha, Chris Martin. His look-alike just walked in...also in expensive jeans, and a navy blue velveteen sport coat over a vintage button-up. I swear this guy has an accent. Ooops...nope.

Too good...woman came in carrying her dog, who's the one wearing the designer quilted coat with white fur lining and hood. It's a Boston Terrier I think.

There're playing old Pearl Jam...10.

I've got to study for finals.

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