Tuesday, May 2, 2006


At the beginning of the year, I griped about my name being a moving target...Rebecca Whoseit, Rebecca Whatsit, or Rebecca Whoseit Whatsit. Since then I've been consistently using all three names except when it's not possible. It's cumbersome at times, but it feels more like me than the other options.

So today, I got reinforcement (and reinforcement goes a long way with me!)...at one of my regular coffee stops...

Coffee guy: You have the coolest name.
Me: Really? Which one?
Coffee guy: All three, together. It's the coolest name I've seen in a long time.
Me: Wow, thanks!

Hurrah -- at least there's one person who isn't saying "Rebecca blah blah huh?"

1 comment:

miss d said...

honestly, if you don't mind writing it out, i like all three names together too. rebecca whoseit whatsit is awesome...as a name and as a person. awwwww, so sweet of me to say i know.