Monday, May 22, 2006

Ode to Spring

By Sammy

Spring has come
Hurrah - such dung!
The possoms scamper
And relieve a sampler
Of delectable fair
For dogs with hair

Run wild and free
In the backyard shall we
Alight anew
On the glories of poo!
Once precious loot found
Roll round and round
On choice fresh scent
Of moist defecant

O' gather ye possom
Come from hither and yon
To feast in our garden
And poop on our lawn

I shall find thy sweet leavings
Oh yes, I will nigh
For morrow day greets me
With prized possompie


Anonymous said...

Sammy's mommy doesn't need no poetry classes! :)-Jana

becca said...

Hugo House needs to add a class: "On Poo: Exploring Creative Crap"