Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Emergency response

I was driving home today when a car ahead of me collided with another car. It was a Saturn sedan; the other car, a Suburban. The Saturn's front end was completely mushed and smoking; the Suburban didn't even have a dent.

The drivers directly in front of the accident got out of their cars to see if the Saturn occupants were okay. Two Muslim women got out of the Saturn, while the driver stayed in the car. I picked up my cellphone and called 911.

"There's been an accident on Delridge SW and SW Edmunds."

"Are you in the accident."


"Did you see the accident occur?"

"No, another car is ahead of me."

"Do we need to call Medic One."

"I don't know...the driver is moving around but she's still in the car. It's probably a good idea."

"Hold the line..."

The operator called Medic One. I listened as he relayed the info and then thanked me for my call.

There were a number of people helping at the scene, and at least two other people were on cellphones, presumably to 911 as well. It made me think: 911 probably gets lots more calls now that everyone carries a cellphone around. It's a nice benefit of our overly cell-centered culture.

A few years ago I was on I-5, right over the Montlake cut. A guy was walking along the freeway, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled up over his head, walking away from the nearest exit and toward the peak of the bridge, carrying nothing. Jumper. I called 911.

"I'm driving southbound on I-5 near the U-district. There's a guy walking on shoulder and I think he might jump."

"You're between the U-District and Montlake exits, is this correct."


"We've gotten a few calls on this and have police on the way. Thanks for your call."

I think they called me back to get my name or something, but I don't know why. I hope they got there in time.


lloyd said...

I've made a few calls to 911 where I wasn't the first one to call. "You're on I-5 and you've spotted a fire? Where are you exactly? Really? Well, you're not the first to call... but thanks for trying" It always makes me feel like the 26th caller on Kiss 106.1 - ya know, when they're looking for the 25th caller to "Beat the Pump". The free gas promotion. Know what I'm talkin' about? I call in all the time. Okay... it's just me.

miss d said...

It's good you call just in case nobody else does. You know how that goes. You took Psychology. You can never assume that other people are going to call...so just in case, you may have saved someone's life! :)