Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Favorite Frou-frou

I've been celebrating since the end of finals (mostly during our trip to Portland for the weekend) and have froufrie cocktails on my mind. My all-time favorites include:

Hot Spiced Wine
Spanish Coffee (this weekend's drink of choice)
Limeade and Malibu Rum
Amaretto Sour
Bloody Mary
Bailey's and anything
Wild Pear drink at Cactus
White Russian (the first drink I ordered in a bar, in White Rock, BC; age 18. Oh wait, not counting that school jazz choir trip to Vancouver, BC when I was 16, and nearly the whole choir went to some semi-seedy nightclub called "Red Light" where I ordered a Heiniken and later got suspended from school for it.)

1 comment:

jana said...

What?! You got suspended? I never heard that story before.