Sunday, December 3, 2006

Here come finals!

Since I'm starting to gear up for the end of the quarter, I am thinking about a million things that I want to do other than study. Blogging, for instance. Here's what I would be blogging about.

In memory of...
My friend Sheila's son named a stuffed animal after (she thinks) the late great Ramon the cat. He calls him "Ray-mon" but the name seems to have appeared during one of Ramon's stays with Auntie Sheila. Aw shucks...that's so cool! I miss my Mony.

"40-year-old Virgin"
What would you do if you were a member of Peerflix, and someone sent you a pirated copy of "40-year-old Virgin" given that a) it was a movie you really wanted to own, but b) someone lamely has been getting "peerbucks" for downloading and burning movies and sending them out.

Incidentally, I adore this movie. It has some of the best improvisational scenes I've seen. It reminds me of old friends who used to forget I was a chick and engage in guy talk around me.

We met with our real estate agent yesterday and we're starting to think about selling the house and the condo and finding something bigger in the neighborhood. Exciting, but scary amounts of stuff to do before we're ready to move. Eeek.

Endolyne Joe's
We went here for dinner last night and I had a side of mashed potatoes for dinner. Guess what? They tasted just like (as they should) the 5 Spot's mashed potatoes that I blogged about recently. I can't say enough good things about this local restaurant group that includes these and a few other fine eateries in town. I'll eat at any of these places any time, as many know about me. I'm still pissed that Jitterbug is gone. Sacrilege.

Big birthday coming up this week...I keep telling him old is just a state of mind.

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