Tuesday, December 12, 2006

So tired

Exhausted. Two finals down and one to go. I'd been wearing the same sweats for 4+ days, now finally retired to the laundry bin. I've spent way too much time at my computer, coming up with graphs and charts and stories to remember everything. And there's only 17 hours to get ready for the next one including 6 hrs for sleep, 1 hour for eating meals, and 1 hour for showering, etc. which leaves me with 9 hours to study.

Oh. I can do a lot with 9 hours to study. Probably need all 9 though.


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sheila said...

Wow Becca- sure hope you made it through and can now relax a bit!! Just keep in mind: post-Christmas shopping spree...post-Christmas shopping spree...post-Christmas shopping spree...