Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Blog guilt

I hate it when I want to post to my blog, but I have nothing of interest to say. Granted, there are many posts that are interesting to no one but me and maybe 1 or 2 other people (okay, maybe just me), but today I got nada.

Well, maybe that's not entirely true. I have a bunch of topics that I can't really say much about for one reason or another. For instance...

1. I have a theory about the connection between Harry Potter and Voldemort, but I'm not sharing it in case it ruins it (right or wrong) for some other eager Potterite.

2. I think we've picked out a baby name, though it's not final. I'm pretending to keep it a surprise so I dare not share in a public forum. Incidentally, I was looking for a friend's newborn photo today (Baby Girl born at 11 am - go Shawn!) and realized that those hospital online nurseries are a great place to skim for names, especially names that seem to recur...Madison, Addison, Jordan, Grace, Jayden. I think we've found a name that hasn't or won't recur, thank goodness. As for names that don't recur on these newborn lists...Jazzmen? I really like Tremendous, though we could never pull something like that off. It reminds me of a friend whose son is named Majestic. She (and I'm sure he) can completely pull it off.

3. The little girl a few doors down seems to only make strange screeching noises. I'm not sure she talks. She's probably 7 or 8. She takes the short bus to school. I wish I could listen to her up close to see if I could figure out what's going on with her. But, this is not appropriate for the blog.

4. The condo is on the market, but I don't want to blog about that because I'm superstitious and I may jinx it.

5. I'd like to put my newly completed research poster up here, but I'm not into putting full IDing info on my blog, and god forbid someone will find some horrible error on the thing now that it's being printed. I'm thinking of putting it up in the baby room once these presentations are done. She can mull over colorful charts and brains with orange and red splotches.

That's all I got.

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miss d said...

Edwin seriously knows somebody whose real name is Magnificent. Did you see that one recurring? ;)