Monday, May 21, 2007

Brain full of brain

I have been really wanting to post to my blog, but all I can think to talk about is my research project. It's snarfing up too much of my mental energy, and it may continue to do so into the summer. I kind of finished a draft this afternoon, but it needs a lot of massaging. Lots.

The other thing taking up my head-space is baby stuff. All I can say is that it's strange to have something flip around in your belly. It feels a bit like eating a huge turkey dinner, and then the turkey starts dancing the Macarena. No joke.

Ray was offered a great new job over the weekend, and so we are celebrating his departure from a yucky bottom-line driven company to a stable dot-com with smart people. Never again will I underestimate the benefits of working with smart people.

In summary: my brains need a massage, I'm experiencing the in utero Macarena, and smart people rule. And I'll try to pay attention to more blogworthy content so I will have something to write about.

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