Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The silly 3-minutes*

*Based on the last post, here's my silly teaser, which was simply ridiculous to be nervous about.

Okay, I can't do it...I had my whole shpiel written out here, but it feels too revealing in this context. Not to mention boring for most of the world.

Instead, I leave you with this: Who will be voted off the American Idol island this evening? Will Blake's fan base overrun the cult of Jordin? Is Melinda untouchable? It's gonna be a close call, and until the unveiling, all I have energy for is the couch and more Harry Potter rereading.

I have to say that Melinda really wowed me last night with that Ike-n-Tina number. To me, and loads of other people I'm sure, her talent has always been top-drawer though she lacks fresh appeal and doesn't exactly exude charisma. Jordin, on the other hand, has big talent, freshness and a compelling stage presence -- she's been my favorite thus far. Not so last night. Jordin was fine, but I'm ready to pre-order the Melinda album...the wow factor was that big. In fact, Melinda may do a better Tina Turner than Tina herself!


dunsany said...

Aw, I liked your preso, even tho I barely understood a tenth of it. Heck, I thought gyrus was an 80's video game and not a brain swirl thingy.

miss d said...

I, myself, am a Blaker Girl. Fo realz.

While I don't think he has the best singing voice, I always look forward to his performances to see what he's gonna do with it. Aaaaand, his stuff on You Tube is actually pretty good (his original songs).

Sad to see Melinda go, as she definitely had the best vocals, but she was a little too mellow for me. I'd rather have seen her and Blake in the finale. Jordin is good, but she bugs me. I think she's a little overrated.

Having said all that, I think she'll win the whole thing.