Sunday, December 30, 2007

I'm trying to think of some Bests recap the year.

Most memorable meal -- spinach salad and chocolate cake, a la Swedish Hospital

Best movie popcorn -- Columbia City Cinema

Most anticlimactic moment (in a good way) -- amniocentisis, August 6

Best 2007 movie -- Sweet Land, with The Namesake as a close runner-up

Best 2007 movie I haven't seen -- Once (hope to rectify tomorrow)

Best character from Harry Potter 7 -- Mrs. Weasley

Best sound -- August's laugh (we just learned she is ticklish!)

Best smorgasbord -- Sheila's annual chocolate tasting party

Best discovery
-- my new earrings embedded in my hoodie after August swiped them off my ear just a little bit ago AND Tamarind Tree (Vietnamese restaurant in the ID...I don't remember who first discovered this)

Most missed -- Luciano Pavarotti

Best nurses -- Swedish Antepartum Unit

Most addictive television -- What Not To Wear, Ninja Warrior, Top Chef, Girls Next Door and of course Project Runway

Best way to kill time on the couch -- Tour de France

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miss d said...

Ooh! I like Tamarind Tree! Very much so. :)