Thursday, December 27, 2007

My least favorite holiday

I don't like New Years Eve. Based on previous experience, I have come to dislike what others find as a fun night of revelry. I won't say hate, because I haven't completely denied responsibility for the fate of my own holidays.

There are 3 main reasons for this, and probably more though I've blocked those other occasions out because they're not coming to mind at the moment. Anyway:

Bad New Years Eve 1991: ordinarily nice and docile boyfriend gets drunk, gets in argument with his best friends and brandishes a weapon. Stupid stupid stupid. I had to drive him around and help patch things up.

Bad New Years Eve 1992: new boyfriend gets drunk, hits on other women at a party and acts generally stupid. On the way home he says/screeches random unpleasant things, tells me to let him off on the freeway, threatens me, then leaves the car with a parting "I hope you get AIDS!" Thanks buddy and goodbye. You will be pleased to know that me and my friends now refer to you as Psycho Don.

Bad New Years Eve 1996: roommate with history of anger management problem gets drunk, picks a fight at our house party (which was super fun up until then), threatens my boyfriend and forces us to vacate our own home for a few days. Again.

My resolution for each of these years should have been to avoid drunk, angry men whenever possible (rocket science!), especially on the last day of the year. Now, I like to avoid drunk people on this evening in general as it brings back bad memories of drunk angry people.

For me, New Years Eve is better spent with a G rating: nice dinner, game night, or maybe an overnight at a spa/nice hotel with pool...


Jana Kleitsch said...

We've been friends a long time. I remember you telling me about NYE 1 & 2 and I was at your house party for #3. Not good. Didn't roommate break a window?

Stay in! Enjoy your G night. Happy new year, chica.

dunsany said...

What's unfortunate about all this is that I've got a bottle of tequila and a bazooka all set aside for New Years 07.