Saturday, December 15, 2007

Winner: Worst Restaurant Name

This morning, Sooz, Bretney, Mel and I met for breakfast someplace new. We were attempting to meet at the Longshoreman's Daughter in Fremont, but somehow it's now called Silence-Heart-Nest. That's Silence - Heart - Nest. Huh?

When I walked in to the place, I thought I was lost. I asked the waitress where to find the Longshoreman's Daughter, she explained they'd moved in 2 years ago, adding, "We kept a lot of their menu, except for meat. We're vegetarian, so we have some wonderful soy-based meat products." Wonderful?

Anyway, turns out we had a great breakfast and plan to go back. But I couldn't help but wonder about the name of the place. It really couldn't be any worse. Their website explains...

All of us who work here are students of meditation, and study with the Indian Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy. The restaurant is a reflection of the impact Sri Chinmoy has had on our lives, and it is inspired by him.

Our name is taken from a poem written by Sri Chinmoy on our opening day March 18, 1986.

Eternity’s silence: The silence that embodies vision, light and delight.
Infinity’s heart: The universal heart that expands and expands.
Immortality’s nest: The nest of birthless and deathless nectar-delight."

Hmmm, deathless nectar-delight. I wonder if that's on the menu.

Anyway, here he is, Sri Chinmoy.

Ray: "He looks like the guy from the Love Boat."

Me: "Wha? Captain Stubing?!"

Ray: "Yeah--doesn't he?"

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Sooz said...

Actually - I think he looks more like the bad guy in the first Beverly Hills Cop...

You're right - weird name; but cool decor, nice paint colours and it's worth it to mock the Sari's whilst one eats non-meat.