Monday, June 23, 2008

The fun and the not-so-fun

I have 3 months, almost to the day, until I start school full-time. With this in mind, I'm currently listening to Radiohead and feeling listly. (Listly an antonym of listless, where motivation is funneled into making lists.) There's a lot I'd like to get in order, while enjoying the free time that will soon be but a memory, like...

1. Get rid of everything useless in the house and garage so we can...

2. Organize the house to Japanese/Scandinavian standards.

3. Take August to at least 3 local beaches.

4. Go on more than 1 weekend road trip.

5. Paint the house (this will happen next month).

6. Rip out stupid overgrowth.

7. Have bed cut under rhodie in front yard.

8. Figure out desk situation in office.

9. Take Ray to eat pizza at Madame K's.

10. Have picnic at Golden Gardens.

11. Do the zoo.

12. Do a morning at the Market (Le Panier, paper, coffee, etc.)

13. Do either Mary Meyer's morning open-water workouts, or a race, or both.

14. Keep working out 4 mornings a week.

15. Try new ice cream place in 'hood.

16. Buy Endnote.

17. Get rid of more books.

18. Play in Aug's new wading pool as much as possible.

19. Host a BBQ.

20. Have picnics at the park at least twice a month.

21. Read at least 2 classics (Russians encouraged).

22. Go to an outdoor concert or play.

23. Get tickets to symphony.

24. Host movie club.

25. Replace that one piece of gutter.

26. Plan and follow-through on 3 date-nights.


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