Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Today's minutiae

5:30 am -- Get up, get ready for gym, inadvertently wake August, go back to bed and try to convince her to sleep with us. Moderately successful.

7:11 am -- August wakes us up. Feed her, make peanut butter toast for myself.

8:00 am -- Aug smells weird. Give her a bath.

8:30 am -- Aug takes nap, while I look at some video of a dude-Britney Spears impersonator. Impressive, but must get in the shower.

9:15 am -- Realize I am going to be really late to daycare.

9:50 am -- Pack Aug in the car. Listen to new Coldplay.

10:10 am -- Leave Aug with Debbie. Call Jana to say Happy Birthday.

10:25 am -- Driving. Consider blog topic: favorite reference materials. Zagat's guide, Netter's Atlas of Human Anatomy, Atlas atlas,, IMDb...

10:45 am -- Find parking, plug meter. Check email and drink coffee while waiting for Sue at Solstice. Sue brings more hand-me-downs from the twins. Yeehaw.

11:00 am -- Get to lab. Resurrect project and boot MatLab. Consult with Ray about Saturday pm plans for La Carta de Oaxaca with Andy and Dana.

11:45 am -- Meet Lana at Cafe Allegro. Ah-ha, BLT!

12:45 pm -- Plug meter. Back to the lab.

1:05 pm -- Consider new blog topic: TV boyfriends. Anthony Bourdain, Tom Colicchio, Gordon Ramsay, Clinton Kelly. Consider what to call Ray's thing for Ted Allen. Not TV boyfriend but maybe Man-crush? Bro-mance?

3:00 pm -- Finish up individual region of interest analyses. Run out to meter. Decide I'm done in the lab as U-bookstore is calling.

3:45 pm -- Buy stats workbook, Husky t-shirt for August, panic button and Kitchen Confidential. Read first few pages in parking lot.

4:00 pm -- Driving. Call Ray to see if he wants a ride. Pull over for 10 minutes and finish Kitchen Confidential preface.

4:15 pm -- Consider new blog topic: little known facts about me, e.g. bookmark and magazine collections.

4:24 pm -- Pick up Ray. Ask him if I can blog about his thing for Ted Allen.

4:50 pm -- Pick up August. She hasn't napped all day.

4:55 pm -- August falls asleep in car before we get to the end of Debbie's block.

5:10 pm -- Get home, put Aug in crib.

5:15 pm -- Consider new blog topic: blogging my day. Boring, but...


Jana Kleitsch said...

Hilarious. And thanks for the birthday wish!

miss d said...

NOT boring at all. Seriously. Sounds more exciting than my day.