Thursday, June 12, 2008

Goodwill Hunting

This afternoon I decided to go to Goodwill and check out the reputed piles of toys. What they say is true: toys were chaotically stacked on 4 aisles of shelves, cascading down onto the floor, especially when some kids playing tag ran buy.

In any case, it was a cornucopia of cheap-a$$ toys, all the good stuff in fair working order, though slightly shmutsy and without accompanying small pieces. But hey, who's complaining when most everything is $1.99 and just needs a spritz of bleach and a good wipe-down.

This experience reminded me of the last time I was at Powell's Books: I walked from aisle to aisle in a daze, picking up one book and putting down the last, prioritizing constantly to make sure I had my top 6 picks by the time I made it to check-out. Today, I picked up several toys almost immediately, kept perusing, and then put something back on the shelf when I found the next gem. I decided I only wanted to take 4 things home (this is all I could pile on top of the Bob stroller), though it took me a while to realize that no, I don't need to pick up that barn that August will use 2 years from now, or the LeapFrog thingy that she'll want 3 years from now. I'm pretty sure Goodwill will continue to carry toys into the distant future.

I had a really nice warm feeling as I drove home -- and it wasn't just heat from the SUN that finally made an appearance after a long hiatus -- because...

1. I love to reuse stuff.
2. I love cheap-a$$ stuff.
3. I love stuff with no packaging. New toys are packaged in the most ridiculously wasteful ways.

Anyway, I have visions of taking August to Goodwill to pick out a treat when she's old enough...learn about reusing, being thrifty, and a multi-cultural experience to boot.

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miss d said...

This is an absolutely fantastic idea. Thanks for this post. :) Not that I have kids right now.