Thursday, July 31, 2008

Latest best sandwiches

I love a good sandwich, and I've had two great ones in the last week.

Time: last Saturday
Scene: Eats Market Cafe, Westwood Village
Sandwich: can't recall the exact name, but basically it was a BLT with a fried egg and chevre
Comments: (I've already twittered about this so excuse the double plug...) Seriously people, this is one durn good sandwich. I'm not a fried egg person per se, but it just seemed to fit with the bacon and tomato, and the chevre added a nice little flavor with out over-powering or cheesifying the whole thing. It was delicious, and I told the Eats people as much.

Time: today, 1 pm
Scene: Cafe at the SAM Sculpture Park
Sandwich: super special Grilled Cheese...carmelized onions, apple, gruyere on grilly potato bread.
Comments: Wow. This was a lunchtime phenomenon, so good I made it for our dinner. Here's my DIY adaptation (serves 2)...

4 slices dill rye
several slices Colby-Jack and some mystery cheese in the fridge
1 slice bacon, minced
1/3 onion, sliced
1 Red Delicious apple, thinly sliced

Get the bacon going in a saute pan, and then throw the onion slices in. Cook up until onion's nice and translucent. Remove from pan. Butter outsides of bread, put in still hot pan, and layer apple, cheese, and onion. Grill on both sides. If you're doing the tomato soup thing on the side (I recommend Pacific Organic), then reserve the cooked-up bacon pieces and toss them in with the soup while it heats. Delish!

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