Wednesday, July 16, 2008

At loose ends

Stupidness #1
Our house is beautiful greenish-gray with white trim, but I'm concerned -- they finished in 2.5 days. I wasn't around all day today, but I don't think they did a second coat. I went back to the itemized quote and it doesn't mention a second coat anywhere. Hmmm. I'm feeling a like a big stupido for assuming they'd do a second coat. Maybe they used quick-drying paint and did actually do another coat? I will find out tomorrow when the contractor comes by for the walk-through and touch-ups. Thankfully the job they did looks great...lots of nice details and precision work.

Stupidness #2
I am finally feeling like I'm getting over my latest cold. It was mainly in my chest today, so I was hacking and wheezing all day, but less nose-blowy. I'm annoyed because a) why isn't my immune system doing its job this year and b) am I going to be able to do the Fat Salmon swim as planned on Saturday? Swimming when you have a cold is both difficult and disgusting, for me anyway. Maybe some super swimmers out their have figured out the whole breathing/water thing while congested.

One thing I do know: I will not be taking sleepy cold medicine before this race. But I might just take an hour to finish.

Stupidness #3
I was discussing the foggy/unfocused/ditzy post-pregnancy brain thing with another mom today. I am continually relieved to hear that others experience this same annoying phenomenon.

S: "I'd really like to know -- is it age-related hormones, birthing-related hormones, sleep deprivation, focusing on parenting small children?"

Me: "It's probably some of each."

S: "Well, I'd like it to be just one of those things so I could do something about it. Like drugs."

Me: "Until then, we have coffee..."

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