Saturday, September 9, 2006


Since I felt much better than yesterday, I decided to go ahead with the 1-mile swim this morning. It had rained all night, but heck, who cares.

My strategy included taking some ibuprofen about 1 hour before the race. As we got ready to head out the door I popped 2 caplets in my mouth, took a gulp of water, swallowed, and thought...uh oh. The caplets that just went down were white and blue, and I think they were suppose to be orange. I looked around on the counter, opened up a few bottles and realized my error. I just took Tylenol PM. The last thing I need is a sleep aid!

Since I'm not a pucker, what's done is done. I just prayed my caffeine-laden Clif Bar would help counteract the sleepy stuff. Oh lord, this was too funny.

We made our way to the beach park just as the organizer was making announcements. "If you've never swam in open water before, today is not the day to start." Sure enough, the wind was whipping and the water was both energetic chop and waves. About 20 people of the 55 who had registered bailed out. The rest of us stood around shivering while they pulled the buoys out to the appropriate positions. The weather was bad enough that they didn't place the furthest buoy, but instead told those of us doing the mile to do the course twice. Several people decided the 1/2 mile was more sensible. I wondered the same thing.

In the end, I decided to keep swimming and finish the whole mile. I came in third from the end and my time was sucky, but who cares. Third from the end was also approximately 9th place! No wonder it looks like I'm swimming alone...

Moral of the story: Be careful about containers of mixed pills AND next year wear a wetsuit.

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Anonymous said...

Yay! You did it! I'm proud of you. :)-Jana