Monday, September 25, 2006

Birthday lists

It's my birthday, and not only that, it's a milestone birthday. Makes me think about life so far...

1 helicopter ride
3 trips to Europe
1 triathlon
1 mile open water swim
1 volunteer vacation
1 drive on the other side of road
1 beloved car
1 parasail
400 trips to the ocean (approx.)
1 summer with the fishes

In the next 35 years I'd like to:

Live in another country for at least a year
Ride in a helicopter again
Go to Fashion Week in NY or Milan
3-mile open water swim
Sprint tri in 1.5 hrs
Trips to Scotland, Nicaragua, Turkey, Samoa, New Zealand,...
Drive through the Deep South using backroads
Hear Pavarotti live
Take piano lessons
Participate in guerilla art
Own an old truck
Finish watching AFI 100
Make a mobile
Make audio recordings (of above, where applicable)
Watch movies in Ray's future movie theatre in Milan

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

We WILL make a mobile. One day. I don't think we're old enough or have let the idea set long enough though. We need a few more years of wisdom under our belts.